Supernotecard for Scriptwriting Software Review
New Review  -  Supernotecard for Scriptwriting
What is it and what does it do?:

Supernotecard for Scriptwriting
is a stand-alone software
program that works with both Windows (XP/Vista/2000 - also needs Java installed) and Mac (OS X 10.3 and higher) operating systems.  It is software designed to allow you to outline your story through a visual index card system.  Cost - $34 (Free trial available).
Supernotecard for Scriptwriting is a feature packed downloadable software program.  For decades, screen, television, and theater writers have used notecards to hone their craft. Supernotecard for Scriptwriting offers distinct advantages over traditional script editing programs.

In Supernotecard each scene is a card that you can shuffle and arrange on the screen. Press a key to edit any scene or drag-and-drop to link it to other elements in the script. Create oulines by moving notecards into decks and survey it all from the handy project explorer or via the keyword search function.

In Supernotecard you define characters and storylines, assign them to scenes and ultimately achieve a new and inspiring story perspective. Inspect scenes that relate to a particular character or that follow a single story line. Use it to find scenes with sparse dialogue, missing characters or not enough intensity.

Supernotecard for Scriptwriting's Top Features:
* Assemble projects with either screenplay or stageplay text formatting
* Drag-n-drop cards to reorganize and refine the flow
* Efficiently define and track characters, plots, and settings in your scenes
* Instantly find scenes by keyword, category or character.
* Export to Final Draft or your favorite script editing software
* Hit a keystroke to insert a wide range of common script text elements
* Time your scenes or flag them for follow-up
* Enable automatic scene sequencing
* Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Enjoy perfect file compatibility across platforms
CLICK HERE to download a free, unlimited trial version for Windows

CLICK HERE to download a free, unlimited trial version for Mac OS X
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CLICK HERE to buy it now from Mindola Software for only $34
Like 3 x 5 notecards on the coffee table, Supernotecard is an excellent organizer
StoryPros "Real World Analysis" of Supernotecard for Scriptwriting:

Supernotecard for Scriptwriting is a simple program that does one thing and does it well.  It organizes your story's outline into graphical 3 x 5 -style notecards that can be shuffled and rearranged at will.  Those used to using actually notecards will find an onscreen version not only easy to use, but find that they can once again use their desk, floor, or dining room table for its original use, instead of as a workspace for 3 x 5 cards.

The software's feature layout is simple and effective.  You will not need to spend hours and hours learning how to use the program.  You should be able to dive right in and start working immediately.

At $34, the program is reasonably priced and the company offers support via email, online as well as built-in documentation and help, and updates available for download.

Whenever we recommend a product to you it usually meets these three criteria:  easy to use, effective and helpful, and a good value.  Supernotecard for Scriptwriting qualifies for all three.

This company also has another version of this program for novelists, biographers, researchers, and other writers called Supernotecard.

We suggest you take a close look at this program.  You can even try it for free for an unlimited time.  The only restriction on the trial are limits on the number of cards than can be created per project.

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