Storybase's Top Features:

Storybase 2.0 provides direct access to an amazing clipboard of narrative writing prompts that can be personalized with your characters. Storybase 2.0 is a dictionary of story ideas that will keep your writing project moving forward.  Storybase 2.0 comes loaded with the following features:

     Quickly create customized Character Sets that contain the names of your characters;

     Achieve focused brainstorming by filtering the database with combinations of up to three Mindsets and three Thrust/Action values;

     View suggested Lead-ins and Lead-outs - and build your story both forward and backward;

     Easily export or paste the Situations from Storybase 2.0 into your favorite word processor, visual outliner or screenplay formatter;

     Best of all, Storybase 2.0 is extremely easy and fun to use!

StoryPros "Real World Analysis" of Storybase:

The workflow goes like this:

1. You create a set of Characters (protaganist, anatagonist, friend, lover, etc.)

2. You then attribute up to three "mindset values" (emotional, passive, stressed, confident, etc.) to each of the characters.

3. Now you select up to three "thrust/action values" that refer to the present scene or situation in your story.  By exploring the action of your story, you can discover new ways to maintain dramatic tension while moving the story forward.

4. Now that you've personalized your characters you will be presented with between 25 to 100 or more relevant and targeted conflict situations that suggest ways your story can proceed.  You can then cut and paste these story situations into your word processing document or use the built-in text editor.  Storybase has over 2,300 different conflicts and situations.

5. Each conflct situation in Storybase is linked to several suggestions for ways your story can move forward or backward.  This allows you to create full narrative sequences.

Installation is easy and straightforward.

Storybase has a help option on the toolbar and the manufacturer's website provides technical support, but there is no FAQ page or phone support.

It is the ability to spark creativity that sets Storybase apart from the rest and makes it one of the better pieces of creative writing software on the market today. The narrative features allow you to come up with ideas that at one point you may have considered inconceivable. It is an excellent program for someone who is hurting to come up with ideas or thrives on creativity.  Anyone struggling to develop an idea would do well by seeking Storybase's assistance. While Storybase does not outline, or create plot skeletons, it does provide a forum to develop ideas.

Storybase will not write your story for you.  What it will do is spark your creativity and give you suggestions that you may not have previously thought of to fix that plot hole or transition that has been driving you insane. 

Storybase Software Review
New Review  -  Storybase
What is it and what does it do?: Storybase is a brainstorming tool designed to eliminate writer's block by sparking your creativity with character and plot elements to help you flesh out your story or explore new directions in your screenplay's plot.  It is a stand-alone software program that works only on Windows based computers.
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