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New Review  -  Movie Outline 3.0
What is it and what does it do?: Movie Outline is a stand-alone software program that works with both Windows (Win 2000/XP/Vista) and Mac (OS X 10.3.9 and higher) operating systems.  It is software designed to not only allow you to outline your story through a visual index card system, but it also has full screenplay formatting built-in that allows you to go from outline to final draft - all in a single integrated program.
Movie Outline 3.0 is a feature packed downloadable software program.  It helps both the novice and professional screenwriter develop their screenplay using the simple technique of step-outlining to build your story, characters and script scene by scene, allowing you to focus on your story's key events without losing sight of the bigger picture.

With Movie Outline you can easily plan and customize your story structure, color-code acts, rearrange scenes, develop and track characters, format your screenplay to industry standard and even gauge the progress of your own story to that of included outlines and analyses of successful Hollywood movies, allowing you to simultaneously compare your own narrative's pacing with the pros.

By streamlining the creation process of each scene and structure as a whole, Movie Outline gives the screenwriter the space to think and view the full outline of their story while simultaneously working on individual scenes.

The unique Reference facility gives you the added advantage of assessing your own story pacing in comparison to successful movies in the same genre and can be used in conjunction with PowerView, Step Cards and FeelFactors.

Movie Outline 3.0's Top Features:
* Screenplay Formatting & Auto-Complete
* Character Development & Tracking Tools
* FeelFactor Story Analysis Graphs
* Visual Drag & Drop Index Cards
* Drag & Drop Steps/Tasks in your Outline/Tasks List
* Customizable Color-Coded PowerView Structure Templates
* Sample Structure Templates including the Hero's Journey
* Dialogue Spotlight to view a character's isolated dialogue
* Notes & Script Sections for each step
* Powerful Import, Print & Export Facility
* Ability to export your own projects into your Reference Library
* 12 Updated Reference Outlines & Analyses with FeelFactor graphs
* Speedier, more intelligent Spell-Checker with live spell-checking
* Powerful Thesaurus with synonyms, antonyms, definitions and examples
* Ability to Merge Steps & Copy/Paste Story Tasks
* Insert Special Characters Feature
* Title Page creation
* Auto-Backup facility
* Integrated Check For Updates
* Deactivation Feature to transfer activations to another computer
* Improved Step & Task Highlight Feature
* Draggable Window Divider to customize your workspace
* SmartHelp to view context sensitive help with your mouse
* Tip of the Day now has even with more screenwriting advice
* 100% Cross-Platform
* Plus a fresher user-interface with many enhancements!

StoryPros "Real World Analysis" of Movie Outline 3.0:

Movie Outline 3.0 is a complete development to finished screenplay package. It contains all of the steps necessary to create a story and write it in proper screenplay format, all in one piece of software.

The software's feature layout is simple and effective.  You will not need to spend hours and hours learning how to use the program.  Getting up-to-speed is a breeze.

Some of the things we liked best about this program are the tabs devoted to general story notes, character development, story tasks, and the reference library.  Let's face it.  Very few writers start writing at Fade In and push on through without stopping until they get to Fade Out.  We stop, start, stop, jump ahead, jump backward, and restart all over again.  Most writers, particularly in the beginning stages of developing their screenplay, have a few scenes planned, some characters in mind, maybe a great ending, but it can be difficult to keep all of these disconnected items straight and in one place.  The notes and story tasks tabs are very useful for these random items that may not have a place.  So anytime you are developing a new script idea, just open a new project file and place all of your thoughts into the notes section.  Then you can begin filling out your outline.  When you are ready to start writing, just go to the "Script" tab and bang it out.  You never need to leave the program.

The reference library provides sample outlines from 12 well known films in 10 different genres including Die Hard, Ghost, Pretty Woman, Terminator, There's Something About Mary, Scream, and many others.

So if you get stuck on step 15 and wonder if your structure is working, simply select your movie Reference Outline and see what happens at the same time in this example. For instance, has your antagonist entered the story too late? Or perhaps your Hero has still not had his call to adventure?

By comparing your own character arcs, escalating conflicts, plot points and three act structure with the pros, you will be able to amend mistakes in your own pacing and produce a well-structured screen story!

If you are looking for an effective, all-in-one screenwriting solution to take you from ideas, to outline, to final draft, we suggest you take a close look at this program.  You can even try it for free for 30 days.  Just click the link below:
CLICK HERE to download a free, fully functional 30 day trial demo of Movie Outline 3.0
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