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What is it and what does it do?: Great Dialogue is a stand-alone software program that works with Windows 98 and higher versions (including Vista).  It is software designed to improve the quality of the dialogue that you write.  It works through providing thousands of examples that illustrate 101 dialogue techniques that can be employed to improve your ability to write dialogue that jumps off the page.
Great Dialogue is a simple, yet very focused software program that is packed with methods to help you create great dialogue.  It works on the "learn by example" principle.  You could take a class through any number of sources, attend a seminar, or buy an endless stream of books to improve your dialogue, but will be hard pressed to beat the value in this program which costs only $19.95!

Great Dialogue's Top Features:

*  101 Invaluable Dialogue Techniques (all supported with extensive examples from movies you will recognize)

*  Search for dialogue help based on keywords

*  Find a dialogue technique based on a keyword

*  "Quote of the Day" option and "Random Quotes" which you can use to generate random ideas for inspiration

*  Can be kept open while you write for instant access

*  Simple design, improves the ease of use

*  Very reasonably priced

StoryPros "Real World Analysis" of Great Dialogue:

Creating great dialogue is half the battle in an effective screenplay.  The other half is fashioning a compelling, well structured story. 

There are innumerable screenwriting books and software that can help you improve your structure and then teach you to format your screenplay properly for Hollywood.  But most of these products only give cursory attention to one of the most important aspects of any screenplay: dialogue.

Great dialogue leaps off the page.  It is economical, sparkling, provocative, hilarious, shocking, subtle, laced with subtext, and sometimes in your face.  But how do you learn to write this kind of dialogue?  You'll find little help in classes, seminars, and books.  This area of screenwriting is never given enough attention.

Well, this software's sole focus is to help you write great dialogue.

The strenth of this software lies in its 101 dialogue techniques and the multiple examples given that illustrate each technique.  Sample techniques: dramatic irony, faux pas, change of pace, set-up & pay-off, lying, understatement, etc.(and many, many more).  There are also some unique techniques that you may never have heard of: Tarantino-esque, tragic clown, comedy of pain, malapropism, double-dutch, homophones, etc.  Never heard of these?  Then perhaps this software is what you've been looking for to bring life to your soulless  screenplay.
There are several ways to use the software. You can click on the "Techniques" button to see a list of the 101 dialogue writing techniques. By clicking on a particular technique, you will be taken to a screen that explains the technique in detail and shows how it works. You will also be given numerous examples for each technique.

Alternatively you can type in the subject matter of the scene you are trying to create. For example, if you type the word "threat" you get a series of examples in the "Search Results" box. The Search Results box shows many different variations of dialogue samples that have some kind of threat in them. Clicking on a selection will bring up an example with analysis of the technique used. Note that the quote does not have to actually contain the word "threat" as there are many keywords attached to each sample in the database.

Each scene has a "setup," describing the situation (if necessary) and most of the dialogue samples have detailed notes explaining why the dialogue works and what specific techniques have been used by the writer.

At only $19.95, you'll find that creating great dialogue isn't that expensive. 
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