10 Past Midnight

Gene Desrochers, Christian Webb

A Fading Finish Line

Matthew Tolbert

A Lost Tribe in Amsterdam

Ian Sax

A Question of Loyalty

Karen Mallia

A Stitch in Time

Linda Ujifusa

Abandon All Hope

Palmer White

Adventures In Babymaking

Jack Messitt

Alien In My Pocket

Joe Borriello


Tracey Thomas

Altered Reality

Michael Leider

American Ridge

Carl B. Clark

Blind Spot

Graham Parke

Burn Alone

Tom Nolan

Burner: A Killing In Palm Springs

Bob Canning

Chasing Dakota

Paul Littell

Christmas at Cascabel Gulch

Philip Sedgwick

City Of Man

Stan Schuermann

Class Love Affair

Hallie Tassin

Coffins & Chrysanthemums

Michael Bierman

Cool Moves

Sandy Tovray Greenberg, Nancy Manning


Charles Johnston

Days Of Vengeance

Peter Groth

Dean's List

Brian W. Smith

Dragons' Sight

Debra Hardy


Michelle Daniel

Fin Chaser

Maria Cozzi

Flash Back

Richard Brett

Following Francesca

Arthur Bell


Linda Ujifusa

Future Strike

Thomas Benedikt

Gift of the Amazon

R. Barry Greenawald


Lynda Lemberg, Jeffrey Allen Russel


J.G. Edwards

Hallow's Point

Brian W. Smith

Hitler's Astrologer

David Bryant Perkins

Holy Mackerel

Glenda Ganis


Linda Plamann-Handford

Indecent Justice

Bernard Smith

Independence Pass

Brian MacEvilly

Intervention 27

Lesley Cessna Kontowicz

Kill Or Die Crying

Mark Kratz


Kimi Lee


Jodi Levitan

Life Support

Noah Edelson

Live, From The Milky Way

Joe Borriello

Love Dot Com

Samuel Smith

Medal of Honor: The First Mission

Duke Mulligan


Travis Cox

Mock Trial

Jamee Decio

Monkey Man

Dave Cossette

Moon From Dry Water

Hal Harris


Roi Costa

Neutral Mobility

Sean Doyle

Nicki Foxx

Ray Spruill

No Man's Promised Land

Nate Thompson

Of Horn and Ivory

Jason Gruich, Willard Hipple, Jr.

Off With Their Heads!

M.C. Selfridge


Robert Fullerton

On Board

Con Kringas

On Track

Jodi Levitan

Paradise Club

Olga Rojer, John McCaslin

Photo Finish

Rick Meyer, James C Claypool


Lauren Patzer

Project Genesis

George Obermiller


Trevor Mayes

Quest for Light, Adventure of Magi

Byron Anderson

Redemption 37

Ed Mann

Rock 'n' Roll Mother Teresa

Stefano Bozzo, Jacqueline Escolme


Michael Bierman

Saving Swans

Stephen M. Hunt


Mike Miller

Soccer Mom

Wendy Rakochy

Son of Man: Inspired by a True Story

Richard Keehn

Stove By A Whale

Eric Nuss


Howard Fridkin


Adam Baker

The 1st Voyage of Sinbad

Jack Davidson

The Accidents

Patrick Rodio

The Aviatrix

Stephen Kelly

The Boat

Robert Wooldridge

The Book Of Life

Peter Groth

The Crazed Method

Bille Anthony Sinclair

The Day We Tried to Live

Sergio Padilla

The Demon of Hope Street

Craig Peters

The Depths

Myra Noveck

The Last Adventure Of Shay Blaze

Howard Fridkin

The Nautilus

J.D. Sachs

The Niece

Martin Ponferrada

The Pirate Handbook

Adam Slutsky

The Scythe

Terrance Thibideaux

The Secret Life of Vincent

James Valko

The Shadow Cast

Oliver Waite

The Tapestry

Steven Prowse

The Third Bomb

Phillip Parker

The Weimar Solution

Ian Bonser

Timeless Baggage

Barbara Jackson

Tomorrow's Dawn

Dino A. Barlaam

Weekend Dad

Patrick Connelly

White Rum

Alison McMahan

Wing It

Melvin Kling Jr.


Eric M. Obame