(Sound Of Impact)

Erik Ratliff

5/12 (Five Twelve)

Stu Miller

A Fish Story

Don Hayes

A Kodak Moment

John Alarid, Patrick Holman

A Lesson In Murder

Augustus Cileone

A Man of His Word

Jennifer Martin

A Perfect Virtue

Alex Puchall

A Right To Arm Bears

Philip Sedgwick

A Stranger In Barcelona

Bobby Bell

A Town Without Pity

Mike Murphy

A Year Without Ordinary Time

Kevin Sedelmeier

Abolition Of The Senses

Carlos Burgaleta Pérez

Ace Of Deuces

Roi J. Tankin

Action Figures

John Crews


Robert Blaise Hesselgren

Alice & Charlie

Travis Lemke

All The Broken Animals

John Torma

All The Night Tide

Richard Hobley

An Adventure with Pirate Gold

Bert Emrick

Angels Cry Too

Bert Emrick

Back Water

Mike Murray

Back Water

Richard Bailey


Gregg Palladino


Steven Lipkin


Doris B. Gill

Blind Faith

Penelope Swan

Blood Runs Deep

Nick Amatuzio

Boston Nightly

Mike Kearby, Paul Bright

Brother in Arms

Lorraine Mauvais


Craig Cambria


Jerry Veit

Captain Matvey: In Search of Strela

Peter Slesarenko

Catch The Air

Kateland Brown

Chairman Of The Party

Wendy Pierce

Childhood Issues

John Alarid


Patrick Chao

Cindy McCoy: Rookie Roller Queen

Vincent Fahy

Closer Than Love

Morris Clark, Rhonda Ermel


Brent Hartinger


Joe Osborn

Comet Girl

David Harrienger

Confessions of a Naughty Kid

R.C. Speck


Craig Cambria

Cookee Hudson Saves Her Principal

Keith Yount

Da Tenebre

Antonello Sammito

Death Knell

Rick Markus

Death Toll Queens Side

Steve Hartman

Diamond in the Rough

Mike Peters

Dragons' Sight

Debra Hardy

Dungeon Master Olympics

John Suetmeier


Gary Pipes

Elizabeth's Dream

Lorraine Mauvais


Joe Coddington

Eve Of Miracles

Mike Schwartz


Richard Bailey


Matt Grenzebach

False Sense

Craig Cambria

Family Plan

Nelson Bagsby

Find Ray Tarkovsky

Kyle Michel Sullivan


Kateland Brown

First Filing

James B. Shein

Flat Pennies

Robert Ward


Malcolm Wong

Forty Years And Forty Fathoms

Cass D. Howell

Für Elise

William Gammon


Tony Schweikle


David Reiter

Go Get George

Angela Page

God Among Men

David Slater

Gorgeous Dark

Ronnyi Guy


Andy Noble

Guardian of the Garden

Victor Dobbins


Scott Rosenstein


Daniel Ragussis

Hallow's Point

Brian Smith


John Corby

Hedged Out

Gesha-Marie Bland

Her Brother's Keeper

Natalie Hanson

Heroes of the Orion Arm

David Smith

His Brother's Keeper

Robert Bridge

His For The Taking

Thomas Cook


Austen Brauker


Kris Hall

Hunting for Danice

Gordon Polovin

I Danced With Fred Astaire

Thomas Crow, Watkins Hamlett

I'm Your Boogeyman

Dino Castro


Alison McMahan

In a Small City in Belgium

Carlo Bordone

In Deadly Pursuit

Richard Hohenrath


David Lynch

Ivory Towers

Barbara Albers Jackson

Jackin' the Devil

Paul Myerberg

Jenna's Gone

Russ Meyer

Keep On Walking

Allan Marcil, Yvan Kelly

Lady Luck

Romaner Strong

Last Stop Somerset

Victor Neumark

Late Bloomers

Michael Kaplan

Lights In The Sky

Tom Peterson

Little Red Cells

Ron Ecker

Love Handles

Adam Lederer, Arman Mohazzabfar

Love Is Blind

Richard Brett

Love, Death, & Taxes

Shayna Melcher

Macau Fallen

Tony Shyu

Maggie Cruz

Ron Ecker

Mama Black Widow

A. Von Georgi


Ed Lataro

Marry My Nanny

Angela Page


Dino Barlaam


James Corns

Medium Of Exchange

Young Ku


Richard Bailey

Midnight Of The Mind

Nelson Bagsby

Militant Midgets

James Fant

Mr. Hamilton's Bookshop

Hugh Brune

Must Be Time

Andrea Voight

Night Of The Freaks

Dominic Daniels, Raynaldo D. Deleon II

Now Silence

Tori Warner Shepard

Ol' Charley One-Eye

Franklin McDonald

Old Money

John Madormo

Once You Kiss A Bad Boy

Penelope Swan


Tanya Vidal Dublin

Operation: Evil Empire

Dennis C. Chrzanowski

Or Something Like That

Susan St. Peters, Tyler P. Manners


Gene Gwynne

Passing Through

Robert Rhyne

Perpetual Motion

David Reiter

Planet Of Peril

John Crews

Plus One

Deana Costner


Will Frehley

Prince Of Madness

Jason Skorski

Prom Night Abductions

Curt Burdick

Rag Doll

Elizabeth Katz

Random Acts Of Violence

Guy McDouall

Red Reaper, Burn

J.T. Gammill

Red Sky

Bill Wested, J.J. Stevens

Rembrandt And The Seedlings

Doris B. Gill

Rent Me Hourly

Mark A. Viera, Joe Quintero

Rent Money

Bev Gandara

Rest In Peace

Dennis Sampler


Matthew Tietz

Ring Around The Rosie

Mark Tusher


Robert Samson


Bryan Yentz


Jeffrey Tung


Todd Vicino

Sadie Hawkins Day

Stacy Keane

Saving The Dream

Paul Eckert

Sea Fever

Richard Guimond

Searching for Summer

Eilis Mernagh


Nadia Desyatnikova


Angel M. Dominguez

Shoot... Mr. President

Marina Albert

Silent Night

Kate Mandalov


Andy Noble

Sister Kevin

Mary Rogan

Slaying Dragons

Jennifer Lefever

Soldier's Song

Kieran Gill


Eric Obame


Richard Bailey

St. Jones' Ditch

Sarah Brockmann

Stone's Throw From Hell

L.A. Eide

Stone's Thunder

Owen Maxwell

Story Rose

Nathan Wilcoxen


Mike Murray


Hilliard Guess

Table for Two?

Warren Paul Glover

Team Robin

B.G. Erengil

The Art Of Murder

Jonah Rosestone

The Big Stretch

Cliff Francis

The Blue River

Craig Stewart

The Boys Next Door

Anthony Reyes

The Bus Bomber

Paul Williams

The Cemetery Plots

D.B. Silvis

The Color Of A Rose

Derek Logue

The Count of Monte Ceito

Jeff Eagle

The Etruscan Sword

Richard Hobley

The Fate of King Edward

Graeme Ratcliffe

The Girl In The Trunk

John Leary, Alison McMahan

The Golden Lily

Daniel Chomistek

The Great Quest

Steve Weissman

The Harlequin

Rob Hebert

The Last Viking Stag

Adam Cece

The Legend Of Karly

Lance Crider

The Mona Lisa Caper

Gina Cresse

The Moving Man

Elizabeth Brooks

The Naked Olympics

David Benoit

The Necessity Of Paprika

Philip Sedgwick

The Northlander

David Humphey

The Overseer

William Miller

The Pontotoc Conspiracy

Shelby Swatek, Phillip Swatek

The Postulant

Charles E. Felton

The Real Enchilada

Michelle Palmer

The Recruitment

Dave Kunz

The Reflection

Winston Huff

The Road To Shambala

John Alarid

The Stage

Jonathan Volz

The Steps

Sybil Raney

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

James Fant

The Ultimate Almanac

David Ullendorff

The Unjust

Hugh Newton

Then Greenwood Burned

Aric Hornig


Sean McKee

This Moment, This Minute

Judy O'Malley

Three Elements

Percival Pasquin

Ticket To Life

Tina Field Howe

Till Death Do Us Part...

David Benoit


Marc DeLamater


Aaron Yarber

Two Tickets

Scott A. Aiman

Universal Time

David Reiter

Until Tomorrow

Stephen L. Winnicki

Vengeful Eyes

Angel M. Dominguez


Michelle McFarland-McDaniels


Danny Howell

Voyages Into Antiquity

Mark Perlick


Graeme Ratcliffe


Lindsay Calleran

Wham, Bam, Merci, Ma'am

David Minaskanian

Where There's A Will There's A Way

Elena Nadolu

Who's Got Wendell Finster?

Michelle Muldoon

Winged Victory

Blue Spruell

Xtreme Justice

Robert Vink

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Doris B. Gill

You Are Falling In Love

Genevieve Parker