(Sound Of Impact)

Erik Ratliff

A Kodak Moment

John Alarid, Patrick Holman

A Town Without Pity

Mike Murphy

A Year Without Ordinary Time

Kevin Sedelmeier


Jerry Veit

Captain Matvey: In Search of Strela

Peter Slesarenko

Chairman Of The Party

Wendy Pierce

Closer Than Love

Morris Clark, Rhonda Ermel

Diamond in the Rough

Mike Peters


Kateland Brown

F�r Elise

William Gammon

Hallow's Point

Brian Smith


Austen Brauker


Kris Hall

In Deadly Pursuit

Richard Hohenrath

Jackin' the Devil

Paul Myerberg

Last Stop Somerset

Victor Neumark

Love Is Blind

Richard Brett

Militant Midgets

James Fant

Once You Kiss A Bad Boy

Penelope Swan

Passing Through

Robert Rhyne

Plus One

Deana Costner

Prince Of Madness

Jason Skorski

Rest In Peace

Dennis Sampler

Sea Fever

Richard Guimond

Stone's Thunder

Owen Maxwell


Mike Murray

The Big Stretch

Cliff Francis

The Golden Lily

Daniel Chomistek

The Moving Man

Elizabeth Brooks

The Naked Olympics

David Benoit

The Recruitment

Dave Kunz

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

James Fant

Then Greenwood Burned

Aric Hornig


Sean McKee


Danny Howell

Who's Got Wendell Finster?

Michelle Muldoon

Winged Victory

Blue Spruell