1 Spy 2 Many

Bob Canning

A Balm Of Rectitude

Laura Gonzalez Bollinger

A Boxer Family Christmas

Marc Taylor

A Change In Circumstances

Gretchen Klein

A Ghastly Sight

David Wang

A Man Called White

Randy Hines

A More Perfect Union

Jonathan Weisbrod

A Promise I Made to Mr. Bagels

Romeo Ciolfi

A8450, M.D.

Shia Laboeuf

Above the Line

Les Zig

Act Of Love

Elvin Betancourt

After School

David Tenenbaum, Jeff Bassetti


Lara Roizen

Anna's Weird Alien Hand

Paul Mahoney

Another Will Come

Kevin J. Howard

Area 50

Della Greenawalt, Debi Yazbeck

Ars Gratia Artis

Stefan Alexander

Baby Teeth

Jake Lazarow, Greta Guthrie

Benny Wilson Sucks

Peter Macaluso

Best Life Ever

Tina Gandhi

Betty Blue Eyes

Nicolas Charron

Black In Beauty

Sita K. Jagai

Blood Apiary

Andy Carpenter

Blue Winter

Madison Sean Flannery


Guy Francisco Polin

Bog Water

Jonathan Weisbrod

Box Of Glass

Kevin J. Howard

Boy From Earth

Marc McCutcheon

Breaking Free

Sam Iwata

Broken Men

Julian Paulsen


Dana Cropley


Crissy Corvette

By Any Other Name

John Doble

Calumet City

Charlie Newton

Cape Carmen

Tim Gill

Cesar & Max

Susan Klos

Chasing Skirt

Roy Coombs

Chasing The Dark

Mike Bencivenga

Closer Than Love

Morris Clark, Rhonda Ermel

Collision Course

Mike Cymanski


Carole Ryavec

Crossing Over

Julie Fergus

Cruise of the Amberjack

Evelyn Foster

Dancing On A Volcano

Jesse Kalfel

Dark Return

Les Zig

Dead Instead

Rachel Sudbeck


Kinner Shah

Dearly Departed

Emmylou Barden

Deep Reservations

David Schroeder

Diamond Magic

Walter F. Bauer, Paul E. Loeschke


Stacey Spivey

Dog Dash

Matt Lewis

Don't Cry

Stefan Alexander, Anthony Guilianti

Down In The Holler

Paul Rowe

Dry Heat

Len Joy

East Jesus

Duane Graves


Michael Casey


Duane Graves, Justin Meeks


Michael Dean


Marine Mondelot


Martin McLoughlin

Eve's Promise

Brad Catherman


Michael Kureth


Christopher O'Bryant


Clint Pearson, Ursula Pearson

FantaSiege: The Name of the Game

Charles Tucker


Joseph Deegan

Fight or Plight

Daniel Padbury, Ben Ptoo

Fire Camp

Steven Holleran

Flashback Jane

Jaclyn Whitt

Foluke's Keeper

Khalylah Khaz

Forever After

Emil Faithe

Generation Y

Brian Schwab

Ghosted, With Love

Bob Canning


William Sikorski, Jr., William Sikorski III


Emil Faithe

Going For Broke

Alec Cuddleback

Good Mischief

Warren Lane

Great Big Something

Andrea Weiss


Don Stroud, Winter Mead

Hail Larry

Evan Frondorf

Hand In Glove

Daniel Owen McGrath


Kristen Wade

Happy Jack

Jay Hodgkins

Harry's Hill

Jeff Reese

Helen Would Like a Word

Sandy Fugate

Hello Sunshine

Laura Harbin

Hollywood Driver

Manny Kargov


Chris Willis

Identical Opposites

Kevin J. Howard

In Bones And Soul

James LeJeune

Internal Security

Stefan Alexander

Into The Ether

Steve Brown


Carrie Fishbane

Iron Mountain

Jeff Hindenach

It's All Local

Michael Casey

Ivory Towers

Barbara Albers Jackson

Jimi's Last Poem

Maureen Kellar-Kirby

Jingle Bell Rock

Curt Samlaska

Junk Man

Jaclyn Whitt

Karachi Vice

Faisal Qureshi


R.L. Hooker

Kill Switch

Jaclyn S. Powell

King Edward The Last

Graeme Ratcliffe


John Paluszek

Lady of the Lake

Estella Gabriel

Late Night Conversation

Kelly Lamphear-Dash

Logan's Peak

Graeme Ratcliffe

Look And See

Patrick Timpone


James Kautz

Madonna: Queen of Heaven

Selcen Onsan


Johnny Cole

Mark Of The Beast

Alex Fountain


Ron Ecker

Men, Mountains & Promises

Hugh Lewis, Paul Anger


Robert Wooldrige

Minneapolis Mozart

Paul Jarnagin

Mirdad, A Lighthouse and a Haven

Roberto Junqueira

Money from the Sky

Ronald L. Ecker

My Name Is Carolyn

Cassiopeia Sachs

My Picture

Luke Thistleton

My Real Imaginary Friends

Kyle Rizor


Caledonia Hanson

Neutral Mobility

Sean Doyle

Ninth Life

Kylie Boersma

Nobody's Heroes

Michael Alan Elliott

Old Man Of Mancora

Daniel Padbury, Deje Kelly

Old Patrol

Kevin Jordan

Open Wide

Cameron Martin

Otherworld, NJ

Matthew McLachlan

Our Invincible Kindness

Brian Wapole

Out Of The Woods

Brian Schwab

Path of the Olympians

Daniel Ranalli

PC Police

Tapan Sharma

Perfect World

Emil Faithe


Jeffrey C. Bassetti


Steven Bogart

Poetic Injustice

David Woll

Potter's Ground

Pearse Lehane


Daniel Padbury

Praying Mantis In A Jar

Rosalyn Rosen

Prisoner Of Deceit

Gretchen Klein

Protocol Destiny

Selvir Katich

Pure Land

Bob Reynolds, Larry Hendricks


Edel Dmytro Oksamyt

Reasonable Suspicion

Joel McElvaney


Courtney Froemming

Red Crater City - Rise of the Dragers

D.A. Karr


Stefan Alexander


Carole Ryavec


David Woll


John W. Kim

Rock Tarpeian

Salvatore Bono

Sacred Sun

Michael Gould

Saddle Sisters

Jeffrey Alan Chase


Jennifer Anderson


Nan Schmid


Lynne Ashe

Secrets Of The Universe

Mike Oppenheim

Shine Your Eyes

Clint Pearson

Six Wonders En Route to Ek' Balam

Tim Libra

Sixgun Saint

Warren Lane

Skull Creek Canyon

Greg Baldwin

Sled Race

Kevin Jordan

Southern Elite Law

Clifton McMillan, Jr.

Stay Hungry

Richard Giarraffa


Ben Pavitt

Stuffing Christmas

Warren Lane

Take A Trip

Andrea Weiss

Tar Pits

Don Stroud

Terror And Virtue

Ernest Pysher

The American Oligarchy

Alison Greene

The Awning

Brefni O'Rourke

The Beltway

Nathaniel Morris

The Book On The Water

Zeki Turgut Gezgez

The Celestial Highway

Kevin J. Howard

The Coventry Deception

Michael Holliday

The Devil's Chair

Warren Lane

The Dooling Twins

Robert Rogers

The Enemy Within

Debbi Mack

The Face

Gary Rhodes

The Fate Of The Nation Hung In The Balance

Ben Pavitt

The Glass Snake

W.R. Merrill

The Hazard Room

Mike Cymanski

The House

Pete Ballmer

The Houseless

Am´┐Żlie Leclerc

The Incumbents

Karan Talwar

The Infamous Patriot

Jay Natelle

The Iron Horse Of Lucy Steele

Paul Zeidman

The James King Version

David Schroeder

The Kiss Of The Goddess

Ian Hamilton

The Language Of Wolves

Nan Schmid

The Lao Ban

Craig Lew

The Last Coven

Mark Sercye

The Last Skywriter in the Universe

Steven Bogart

The Loss Of Silence

Kevin Brunner

The Macedonian Trapeze Artist

Lyle Deixler

The Minutemen

Jay Sharron

The Nightmare Man

D.E.S. Collins

The Pale Horse

Kyle Rizor

The Patriot's Quest

Elizabeth Tryon

The People Team

Jonathan Weisbrod, William J. Stribling,
Russ Nickel

The Real World of Money

Patrick Timpone

The Reluctant First Gentleman

Curt Samlaska

The Reluctant Hero

Rudy Gray

The Ringmaster

Kyle Rizor

The Scorched Face

Pauline McAlonan

The Second Beast

Deirdre Patterson

The Second Tuesday in September

Nick Ingrisani

The Secret Life of Balthasar

Michael Burnet

The Sins Of Saint Mary's

Anu Bamidele

The Thingy

James Kerner

The Tragical History of Juliet and Romeo

J. Aldric Gaudet

The Unraveling

Laura Harbin

The Vet

Karan Talwar

The Way of the True

Les Zig

The Wishing Chair

David Gray

Theater Crawlers

Jeffrey C. Bassetti,
Christopher John Fetherolf

They Should Make A Movie

David Kurtz

This Is It?

Brian Schwab


Clint Pearson, Patricia Benzon

Those Beneath

Debi Yazbeck

Time Out

Russ Meyer

Time, Space, & The Poet

John Turner

Time, Space, & The Poet - Part Two

John Turner

Tippy The Elf

William Sikorski, Jr., William Sikorski III

Trick Of The Eye

Dennis Haseley

True Luck

Peter Andrews

Tunnel Rats

Phillip Hardy

Ultra Modern

Joe Favalaro

Uncle Nagorny

Stephen Curran

Under The Moon

Ari Silver

Van 59

Brian Trotter


Byron Jacomo


W.R. Merrill


Sean Mogridge


David Woll


Susan Klos


Russ Eisenman

Voodoo Child

Kermit Davidson


Kevin J. Howard


Jason Ward, Kevin Ward

while (true)

Hal Harris

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Matthew Domenico

White Trash

A. Christian

Where Angels Fear To Laugh

Boim Hwang

Who Let The Wallflowers Out?

Virginia Austin

Wilbur's Way

Kevin Staake


Richard Hohenrath


Richard Pohl

Zero Line

Tim Kontje