A Blue Tale

Jonathan Flike

A Christmas Genie

Anat Wenick

A Playground Miracle

Clyde Santana

A Rock And A Hard Place

Darryl Wimberley

A Tender Soul

Jonathan Flike

Act Of Love

Elvin Betancourt

Adult Summer Camp

Amanda Miller


Aaron Barrocas


Jim Kowalski


Shia Labeouf

As Time Goes By

Jon Davis

Autumn Comes Tomorrow

Hal Harris

Back In The High Life

Larry Collins


Scott Marshall Taylor

BFFs Never Say Die

K. Jennifer Ilagan

Black Mountain

Andrew Crane

Blind Pursuit

Debi Yazbeck

Call Me Thor

Jamie Campbell

Callers to Our World

Salvatore Bono


Andrew Crane

Cash Land

Benjamin Pollack


David Kurtz

Chelsea and Charles

David Gray

Child of the Disappeared

Michael Holliday


Jon Shaivitz

Clear Creek Bluffs HOA

Kim Jaspers


Alexander Julian III

Closer Than Love

Morris Clark, Rhonda Ermel

Conceiving Christina

Keely Wise


Rodolfo Pereira

Dark Matter

Olga Holtz

Dead Reckoning

Chad Hutson

Devil's Chair

Warren Lane

Diners And Devils

Virginia Austin

Distant Stars

Illimani Ferreira

Don't Tell A Soul

Dan Stone

Dream Concierge

Spencer Michlin


Brian Quinn

Eat The Rich

Judah Ray

End Over End

Terry Jacob

Executed and Risen

Salvatore Bono

Faye of Avaline

Alan Howcroft

Fei Ji

James C. Peters

Fire and Rain

Larry Leinoff

For the Method

Les Zig

Gang of One: Hurricane Ron

CJ Hatch

Generation Y

Brian Schwab

Gertie and the Mold Monsters

Paul Rowe

Grace North Of Beauty

Hal Harris

Hail Larry

Evan Frondorf

Haunted Heart

Mike Bencivenga

Her Seventh Death

Virginia Austin

Here And Aqu

Spencer Michlin

Hey, Wait A Minute!

Michael-Leon Wooley


Robert Wooldridge

In Action

Daniel Scherr

In Defense Of Mercy

Noelle Nelson


Hamish McCollester

It's Only Life

Joseph Stephen Meadows

Jack Eagle Junior The Third

Liam Kavanagh

Learning to Cope

Katherine Morris


Danny Alex

Let It Shine

Romeo Ciolfi


Johnny Gilligan


Paul Jarnagin

Lovers of Darkness

Eduardo Soto-Falcon


Paul Weil

Machete Queen

Sierra Hall


Richard Giarraffa

Major League Drones

Selvir Katich


Matt Lewis

Meet Cute

Michael Charron

Mirdad, A Lighthouse And A Haven

Roberto Junqueira

More Than One Idiot Brother

Pearse Lehane


Gordon Phipps

Mutiny In The Dugout

Rod Kent, Rebecca Foster

Nap Time

Jonathan Dittman, Zach Zorba

Non-Official Cover

Jodi Shelton, Hudson Rogers

Off Colour

Matthew Edlin

On Track

Jodi Levitan

One Night at the Morrison

Joan Beilstein

Out of the Blue

Laura Harbin


Tapan Sharma


Jim Kowalski

Pastor Dash

Pearse Lehane


Clayton Rye


RJ Watson

Plague Of Red

Clare Collins

Porno Manifesto

Kyle Michel Sullivan

Potter's Ground

Pearse Lehane

Prison To Paradise

Peter Narodny

Psycho Free

Amy Blackwelder


Edel Dmytro Oksamyt


Kevin Brodie

Regent of the Sun

J.B. Storey

Resurrection, Nevada

Noelle Nelson

Ribeye Malone

Spencer Michlin

Riding With Charlie

Shintaro Ogai

Rough Cut

Matthew Margo

Saints and Sinners

Chris Willis


Michael Orton, Robert Aguilar

Saving Cinderella

Chris Saranchock, Melinda Saranchock

Secrets of the Universe

Mike Oppenheim

Serial Killer Supper Club

Paul Rowe

Sixgun Saint

Warren Lane

Smoke On The Water

Michael Gossette


Dr. Stephen Curran

Spies, Lies, and Lovers

JD Wallace, Jennifer Donohue


Robert Wooldridge

Stuffing Christmas

Warren Lane

Sugarcane War

Adam Hersh

Take A Trip

Andrea Weiss

TARO: Legend of Japan

Blue Spruell

Technicolor Noir

Madison Sean Flannery

Tent Town

Phyllis Allison

Terminal Cascade

Curt Samlaska, MD, FACP, FAAD

The Aperitivo

Anthony Mariani

The Calling

Steven Bogart

The Casket Girl

John Darbonne

The Death of Me!

Debra Jarvis

The Futility of Hopelessness

Les Zig

The God Killers

Faisal Qureshi

The Hallowe'en House

Stuart Creque

The Jet

Jon Shaivitz

The Land Of Oz-Zoo

William Sikorski Jr., William Sikorski III

The Man Doctrine

Christopher Prince

The Memory Room

Mark Rashid

The Memory Thief

Steven Bogart

The Minefield

Jason Skorski, Quinn K. Redeker

The Rommel Gambit

John Doble

The Wraith of Mrs. McGuire

George Petersen

Ties that Bind

Luca Violante

Time, Space, And The Poet

John Turner

Trapped In Plain Sight

Tammy Klembith

Trigger Warning

Adam Lederer

Unnatural Bedfellows

Miriam Animashaun

War Rattle

Elvin Betancourt

White Trash

Alexander Christian

Wide Open Spaces

R.L. Hooker


Richard Pohl

You Don't Know Jack

Les Zig

You Go Boy

Matija Sraj