12:01 AM

Max Nicholson

7 Days

Chad Hutson

A Black Veil

Leslie Lyshkov

A Cop and a Vampire Walk Into a Bar

Boris Coll

A Suspect in Arms

Selcen Onsan

All The Good Hours

Robert Naturman


Jim Kowalski

American Ridge

Carl B. Clark

Angel Of Rain

Lawrence Kennon


Jasper Chen

Beyond Logic

Bridget Bell McMahon

Big Laughs and a Demon

Gabriel Mehlman

Bill's People

Mark Kratz

Bingo Night From Hell

David Piechowski

Blood And Honor

William Berezansky

Blue Jay Singing in the Dead of Night

Dale Griffith Stamos


Larry Anderson


Logan Shaw

Burnin' Bobby

Mike Peters

Bury The Lead

Annette Burget Bailey

Cactus Junction

Philip Sedgwick

Callers To Our World

Salvatore Bono


Christopher Willis


Brady Morell

Catherine's Ghost

Michael Goedecke

Cedars of God

Scott Cahill

Charlie Horse

Zack Frizzell


David Kurtz


Dana Cowden

Community Resources

Brendan Kelly


Daniel Irving Rattner

Cronos And The South Wind

David Cupples

Crushing It

Hamilton Mitchell

Cylor's Revenge

Christopher Sax

Dancing for the Executioner

Peter Kennedy

Dead, But Whatever

Boris Coll


Elizabeth Brooks

Dirk Victory

Don Ternyila

Don't Tell A Soul

D.G. Stone

Dry City

Miguel Flatow

Dumbest Generation

Leslie Lyshkov


Carole Ryavec

Equilateral Angles

Hal Harris

Every Last Word

Kevin Staake

Falling From The Sky

Robert Rhyne

Father's Land

Philip Oyok

Fire Mountain

David Harrienger


Tyler Savage

Freshman Walking

Michael E. Bierman

Game Set Scratch

Billie Bates


Mike Bencivenga

Girls On the Run

Lukas Hassel

Go, Doctor Banting

Eric Sollars, Scott Sollars, Kyle Sollars

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky

Dave Konig

Grim Gets A Life

Peter Fraser


Craig Cambria

I Don't Belong Here

Ramon Antonio Olivo Jr.

If It Rains

Bruce Dundore

In Too Deep: The Brian Futz Story

Zack R. Smith, Andrew Miller


Gene Golus

Introducing Joe Schmoe

Carmen Lindsay


John Reid

Judy The Executioner

Jason Kemp

Jumpin' Joes

Jamee Decio

Katie Killed Brian

Zack R. Smith, Andrew Miller

Killer App

Sean Gallagher


Richard Guimond

Letters in Barbed Wire

Chad Hutson


Stephen Colley

Light Years From Home

Aaron Pope, B. Gautham

Love Thy Neighbor

Jean Buschmann


Erna Mueller

Meridian Response

Kevin Staake

More Remote Than Bavaria

Jeff Woodard

More Than This

Matthew Papadopoulos


Walker Barnes

Off Grid; A True Story

Magnus Leijon

One More Hit

Brad Max

Plain Jane

Keely Wise

Poison Mangoes

Kenneth Conner

Post Civil

Adam Hersh


John T. Frederick

Quiet Eyes

Janet Chollet

Rasta Ho-Tep: Rise of the Mummies

Peter Fraser

Red Vienna

Loren Soeiro

Redcoats on the Hudson

Carole Ryavec


Gretchen E. Klein


Don Stroud, Winter Mead


Alan J. Field


Mike Ackerman

Runaway Ship

Theodore Carl Soderberg

Saving Mark Twain

Staton Rabin

School Nights

John Killoran

Secrets Of The Universe

Mike Oppenheim

Sedger Mor

Catherine Wright

September Gurls

Rae Goddard

Shadow Dragon

Lance Horton

Simply A Moment

Robert P Mangrum

Smiling Inside

Thomas Scott

So Far Away, So Near

Federico Casal

Sumo Football

Scott Jacobs

Surgeon Hong

Paul Gross

Surrealistic Pillow

David Calvert

The Alice Solution

Emily Redinbo

The ARLA Incident

Tim Millette

The Better Man

Brian MacEvilly

The Bright Fire

Zoe Zou

The Children's Book Writer

Bruce Dundore

The Day We Tried To Live

Sergio Padilla

The Deed

Brady Morell

The Defector

Brandon King

The Exit Artist

Cheryl Cain

The Faction

Kevin Karp

The HERd

Patti Nommensen

The Last Man On Earth

Stuart Creque

The Lease of Nature

Anderson Boyd

The Piper of Cragencarn

Alan Howcroft

The Pulpit Collector

Peter Fraser

The River Pirate

Richard Guimond

The Sauce Was Worth It

Luke Guidici

The Tower

Ed Wiles

The Viewing of Elwin Ackley

Shell Dannelley

The Walk-Offs

Will Berry

The Wraith Of Mrs. McGuire

George Petersen

Three Kinds of Crazy

Giles Brown

Time, Space And The Poet

John Turner

Trust. A True Story?

James McDonald

Truth Be Told

Clive Morris

Tutankhamun Not In Common

Robert Rogers

Under Cover of Trust

Robert Gokay


Atul Sharma


Alex Haven

What If You Knew?

Rolf Pfannerer

Whispers In The Wind

Billie Harris

Ziggy and Rachel

Gregg Greenberg


Hunt Burdick