A Killer Of Men

Gregg Meller

Argument For The Existence Of
The Island Saudadia

Constantin Maier

Autumn Soul

Ben Fordham

Beyond Logic

Bridget Bell McMahon

Black Bourbon

Travis Cox

Chasing Skirt

Roy Coombs

Cunedda's Land

Ian Craine

Dead Howling

James Pickering

Dead On The Inside

Selene Raffel

Dee G.

Justin Best

Don't You Know Who I Am?

Izzy Mariano

Dumbest Generation

Leslie Lyshkov


Kelly Anelons


Amanda Keener

Flat-Rate Frank

Jeffrey Howe

Hole In The Sky

John Cooney


Cari Daly


Daniel Findlay


Doug Mallette

Man Running Blind

John T. Frederick

Pete The Assassin

Justin Best, Christopher Cendana


Amy Chacon

Red Light

Dempsey Tillman, Ted Dewberry


David Piechowski

Soul to Squeeze

Alex Arabian

Southern Blood

Lonas Taylor

Staring Into Infinity

Nicholas Carleton

The Art Of The Con

Thomas Day

The Dark Watch

Jim Lawrence

The Hammer

Jason Hunter

The Locust

Michael E. Bierman

The Name's Raynelle Goodpaster

Bob Canning

The Plutonauts

Philip Sedgwick

The Priest

Noelle Nelson

The Quantum Key

Gretchen Klein

The Royal Nonesuch

John Gross

The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creatures

Wendy Young

Two Blocks From Popular

Hal Harris


Atul Sharma


Federico Casal

Western Dragons

John T. Frederick

Whose Sky is No Less Grand

Amanda Norman

Wolves Don't Cry

Scott Fleishman