Across The Divide

Dennis O'Flyng


Racheal Stephens

All Highways Lead Downtown

Greg Baldwin

Altered Fates

Craig Swindell

American Spy

Zach Tirone

Blind Pursuit

Debi Yazbeck

Boy Killers

Tannaz Hazemi

Chasing Daytona

Travis A. Cox

Choke Job

David Johnson

Concrete Samurai

Ramon Zapata


Steve Warren


Robert Seckler

Dark Alliance

Michael Casey

Darkness in Tenement 45

Nicole Groton


Aaron Yeung

Elements Collide

Thomas Sisk

Family Practice

Rembrandt VanDruff

Hell Night In L.A.

Sojean Peou

In the Shadow of Freedom

Elliott Riebman

Jack Scratch

Cody Glenn

Jimmy Havana

Joseph Weil

Long Time Gone

Lonas Taylor


Douglas Charles MacLeod

Nick Twist Is Magic

Patrick Thompson

Night of Game

Alex Beattie

Phantom In Time

Douglas Charles MacLeod

Rational Panic

Robert Rhyne

Run & Gun

Cody Glenn

Shaken Loose

Carolyn Childers

Sovereign Citizen

Craig Peters

Spy High

Jeff Woodard


Raed Assar

The Bomb Inside Me

Travis Bain

The Demon Of Hope Street

Craig Peters

The Enemy Upstairs

Mary Selfridge

The Land Above

Bruce Dundore

The Lilith Code

Wendy Wheeler

The Poacher

Travis Opgenorth

The Red Girl

Anthony Liakopoulos

The Rosy Hue Of The Dying Day

Lauren Hoekstra

The Summer of Haight

George Petersen

Time Zero

Carlo Carere, Erin Muir


Erik Candiani

You're Not A Spy

Gisli A Bogason


25 Years No Interest

Shane Smith

Bad Ass Undercover Teacher

Eric Dunning

Banned In Germany

Guy Francisco Polin


David Kurtz

Doc Review

Dawn Veltman

Dr. Fraude

Amy MacDonald

Dream Concierge

Spencer Michlin

Fat Tuesday

Michael Begg, Barry Lemoine

FEAR, There & Everywhere

Craig Horwitz


Travis Lemke

Good Intentions

Sandy Tovray Greenberg

Grinder's Switch

Jeffrey A. Chase

Hollywood Prankster

Samuel Smith

In The Present

Christine Autrand Mitchell

Larp Life

Mark Hertzler

Leaving Winsome

Sherry Engle

Love the Sinner

David McMahon


Christopher Setten

Man Of Action

Esther Geller

Meeting Mister Gimble

Guy Francisco Polin

Music Row

Ron Ecker

My True

Phebe E. Bohart

Out Of The Woods

Brian Schwab

Photo Shop Girls

Trent Meunier

Puppy Love

Michelle Palmer

Reunion Season

Trent Meunier

Revenge Therapy

Craig Bruce Holland

Shady Birch

Nichole Kanney

Shut Up & Twirl

Draven Gonzalez

So, My Sister Got Married...

Liz Carlson

Speak English

Kieran Angelini

Spoon Fed

Scott LaFortune


Hamilton Mitchell

The Brothers Winkelstein & The Homburg Hat

Guy Francisco Polin

The Compton Thrill Ride

Martin Bartlett

The Head Shop

Martin Bartlett

The Keys to the Highway

Allyson Rice

The Memphis Mafia

Jason Williams

The Murphy Bed

Martin Gomez

The Obsolete Child

Stefano Bozzo

The Time Of Your Life

Robert Stork

The Want Ads

Michael Rhodes

Touch The Fire

Kevin Karp

Transforming Tyrone

Paul Mahoney

Two Blocks From Popular

Hal Harris

White Sheets

Julius Ritter

Within The Walls

Eric Bachmann


A Father's Son

Michael Harriel

A Relative Unknown

Lynne Logan


John Galbraith

Artful Pretenders

Judith Bresler

Bella And The Bear

Nicholas Clifford

Blessed Are The Children

Hallie Tassin

Boy Called Proper

Sam Thomas


Bob Canning

Butterfly Children

Melanie Schiele

Cavallo Del Re

Paolo Taddei

Comic Book Kings

Amanda Keener


Michael Angelo Colgan

Crime School

James Klein

Euna Mobley

Michael Richey

Final Status

Timothy Jay Smith


Amanda Keener

Holy Fools

Richard Turner

Hunting Grace

Robert E Randall

It Ain't Over till its Over

Jami Deise


Scott Pittock

Meeting Mister Gimble

Guy Francisco Polin

Out of the Woods

Sharon Heller


Clayton Rye

Peeping Tom

Jamee Decio

Post Script

Ariadne Shaffer

Potter's Ground

Pearse Lehane

Sacrifice Fly

Bruce Dundore

Sgt. Claus

Adrian C Catarzi

Shadows And Ashes

Will Douberly, Brent King

Sophie & Valentina

Lucy Luna

Southern Cross

Vin Morreale Jr

The Boat

Robert Wooldridge

The Coming Of The Road

Greg Houston

The Experiment

Jeffrey Alan Russel, Lynda Lemberg

The Man with a Knife

Pamela Wess

The Milk Route

Michael Begg

They Grow Up

Robin Regensburg

Touch The Fire

Kevin Karp

United States of China

Nickolas Vassili


Jeff Eagle


All Through The House

Sandy Tovray Greenberg

Bali Breaks

Katharine Panzella

Bird Brain

Barbara Albers Jackson

Camp Nowhere

Eric Bachmann


Grace Link

Christmas Village Junction

David Hill

Closer Than Love

Morris Clark, Rhonda Ermel


Daniel Jackson

Dogbiskit: The Fastest Mutt In History

Christopher Sansone


James Stewart

Grandma's Coming To Stay

Paul Mahoney

I'll Call You, Sweetheart!

Donald Case


Megan K. Bickel

Magic and Science - The Musical

Gerald Scott Large

Missy Du Gets A Date For The Cosplay Dance

Gerald Large


Matthew J. Hillary

Nature I Loved

Michael Duddy

New To The Zoo

Paul Mahoney

Pageant Dad

Liam Healy


Amanda Keener

Spell Check

Kevin Truglio


Doug Ingold

The Joyrider

Kirk Davis

The Wraith Of Mrs. McGuire

George Petersen

Welcome to Comictopia

Michael Chase Walker

Wing It

Melvin Kling

Wishful Thinking

Alex Klein


A Fine Day In Hell

Patrick Gamble

A Ghost Chant

Ramon Olivo


John Porubsky


Helyn Dunn

Beast of Virginia

Matthew Corley

Black Magic

Clint Mathewson

Children of Pan

Ricardo Uhagˇn Vivas, Candela Echenique

Crummy Mummy

Paul Mahoney


Eduardo Soto-Falcon


Eamonn Larsen


Dustin Campbell

Lot 87

Martin Bartlett

Magic Research Society

Amanda Keener

Mars Genesis

Don Ternyila


Joe Becker


Mark Gunnion

Not From The Grave

Tim Knowles


Camilla Bubna-Kasteliz


Kevin Shorter

Saint Terry

Mark Perlick

Satan Comes To Town

Michael Chase Walker


Evan Cathcart


Marat Berdyyev

Super Vampire

Eduardo Soto-Falcon

Sword Of Avalon

R. Lee Brown

The Agonizer

Christopher Suarez

The Apocalypse Chronicles

Nathan Ludwig

The Appointment

Dustin Campbell

The Brazen Serpent

Timothy Swiney

The Cunning Man

Wendy Wheeler

The Dawn Of Eve

James Bingham

The Fairy King

Steven Snell

The Ghost Of Trouble Creek

Ron Ecker

The Grocer

Michael Bierman

The Last Refuge Of Scoundrels

James Corns

The Raven

Nguyen Nguyen

The Tank

Brent Hartinger

The Wonderful

Demitra Papadinis


Mark Anthony Sercye